Center for Circular Building

The building and real estate sector's common arena for circular building
Visit the marketplace if you are looking for re-useable building materials, interiors, furniture or circular services. The marketplace is synchronized with CCBuilds product bank and inventory app.
Reference projects
The parties involved in the Center for Circular Building have conducted many projects with focus on re-use and circularity. Here you can see many good examples. Learn from them and be inspired!
Digital services
Use our digital services to digitalize your building materials, interior and furniture to make them easily accessible for use and reuse. CCBuild's digital platform provides support both for internal reuse - within projects or organizations - and for external reuse through publication on our marketplace.

Center for Circular Building

The building and real estate sector's common arena for circular construction 

The center for circular building, often called CCBuild, is an arena where industry players meet and collaborate on reuse and circular material flows during construction, demolition and management of circular buildings. 

CCBuild is led by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and is developed in broad collaboration with players in the building sector. 

CCBuild is developed within Vinnova's program Challenge-driven innovation (Utmaningsdriven innovation, UDI) step 3. Via the link, you can read more about CCBuild's development and our partners.  

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Welcome to join us

The Center for Circular Building (CCBuild), offers networks, knowledge and digital services that strengthen the market for circular products and services in the construction and real estate sector. 

By participating in CCBuild, your organization gains access to expertise and can exchange experiences with other players who are connected to the collaboration arena. 

CCBuild's partners contribute to the transformation to more circular construction. We implement and develop circular working methods and disseminate experiences to others. Together we achieve more circular building. 

Participate in CCBuild
Product bank

CCBuild's product bank simplifies internal re-use. Create your own database of existing resources - material bank - in projects and within your organization. The product bank provides support for quality assessment and for evaluation of, for example, climate effects with re-use.

Inventory app

To facilitate inventory and labeling of reusable products, there is a mobile app that is synchronized with CCBuild's product bank.

Services and Products

Here you will find players who offer circular services and products. We would like to see more players here - for example you who offer disassembly, upcycling, warehouses or new products with a circular business model. Contact us if you work for an organization that should be involved!